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About Damini



Known by her community in Leicester for her unique, fresh and melodious voice, Damini showcases her talent through singing Bollywood classics. From the age of 13, Damini has been in the spotlight performing for small and large audiences on many platforms. After this, there was no looking back, Damini was on a journey of bringing joy to people through her love of singing. Her hard work, commitment and dedication to the art has won the hearts of many people and their encouragement and support allows her to continue to grow and develop her passion for music further.


Having had opportunities not only in Leicester, Damini has had the privilege to perform internationally for audiences in Turkey, Switzerland and Sweden. Her harmonious and melodic voice captured the hearts of listeners nationally and internationally.


Titled the Best Female Singer in 2018 and 2019, Damini was awarded this prestigious title by the great Anu Malik, Altaf Raja and Aditya Narayan. The awards do not only show her growing in the industry, but living up to her audience’s expectations and going above and beyond. Her positive presence and the versatility of her beautiful voice is unmatched. Damini is always willing to learn and overcome any challenges to grow her talent.




Damini’s journey would not have begun without the help, support and encouragement of her father, Raj Chavda. Raj has been performing from the young age of 7 for his local community and has a passion that he has passed down to Damini.


Upon hearing Damini sing for the first time, Raj knew she had something special and dreamed of one day seeing his daughter become a successful artist. A proud father and the backbone of Damini’s musical career, Raj is always by her side whenever she performs.

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